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Jul. 3rd, 2025 04:49 pm
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You've reached Lust. I'm not available at the moment, please leave a message.

If it's important enough, I'll get back to you.
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[Lust isn't doing well. She knows damn well she's the reason Nisha's name went into consideration, but she'd only been grasping at straws, casting a net without any other ideas... And now an innocent woman is dying, and Lust finds she actually cares to a degree.]

[She's got a bottle of hard liquor and has taken herself off to an isolated corner not too far from the hotel, intending to drink herself into a stupor. Which she mentioned beforehand to those she felt would care, should anyone be looking for her.]

[Or just wanting to join her in drowning her emotions.]


May. 14th, 2016 07:13 pm
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[The gear angle is a low one, tilted up to show a kitchen counter. And a small girl who remarkably resembles Lust, perhaps seven or eight, standing on top of it and staring intently at a cabinet above her. It's open. There are various boxes of pantry type goods. And on the very top shelf, tantalizingly peeking over the edge, is a box of fancy chocolate cookies.]

[Lust is a small child. And she wants a cookie.]

[She's wearing a shirt that's been belted with a tie, in as best as she could manage to get to a dress with what she has available to her. Her hair is braided. Every so often, a blue blur covers the screen as Guttle rolls by, concerned. Henry the Espurr is holding the gear.]

[After a moment, the little girl sighs, scrunches up her face, and turns toward the gear. Or rather the Pokemon on the floor, but the direction is the same.]

I can't reach it!


Apr. 11th, 2016 05:52 pm
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I apologize for being out of contact for such an extended period of time without warning, but it was...necessary.

I'm currently returning to Goldenrod.

[Lust supposes there's more she could say, but that's all she wants to at the moment. She's still tired and emotionally worn, but she's been wallowing in isolation for long enough. Regardless of her state of mind, she has responsibilities she needs to return to.]

I'll be home in a day or two.


Dec. 3rd, 2015 03:27 pm
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[Lust doesn't look quite as put together as she normally does. She's barely wearing any makeup, and her hair's pulled up in a haphazard bun. She's wrapped in a blanket on her couch, gripping a mug of tea, with her shiny houndour and ninetales curled up with her. This is an entirely new experience for her, and not a pleasant one.]

Everything hurts and I can barely breathe. I had a slight headache last night, when I woke up I felt as though a Snorlax spent the night lying on me.

[And she thinks she may have a fever, but she hasn't worked up the courage to take her temperature yet. Fevers are never good.]

It hasn't gotten any better. Can I take something for this at home, or do I need to haul myself to one of those indistinguishable nurses?


Nov. 10th, 2015 07:14 pm
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[Lust thought about sending individual thank yous, but that seemed like a great deal of work. And she's noticed that it's common to draw attention to these sorts of things. So she decides to simply make a general address.]

I just wanted to express my appreciation for the kind...birthday acknowledgements.

[She really isn't sure what else to call the gifts and cards and words. It's all been a bit overwhelming.]

I'd forgotten it had come around again. It's only my second one.

I suppose I should get used to celebrating it. Or at least make an effort to remember the date next year.
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[Lust looks clearly irritated, despite attempting a Publicity Smile. Not by the announcement she has to make, today has not been the best of days. For anyone, it seems like.]

I realize we're in the midst of some strange minor crisis again, but I have some news regarding the little radio show we put together. Despite just starting, we've lost our sound editor and I'm afraid until we find a new one, there will be no more shows.

I expect this little broadcasting break will be temporary and brief.

[Her smile fades finally.]

And has anyone figured out what's going on with this swarm? One of them ruined my afternoon.

Audio Post

Oct. 11th, 2015 06:04 pm
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"Good evening ladies, gentlemen, and Pokemon. Welcome to the Miss Fitz Story Hour, Presented by Random Assortment Productions. Tonight, please join us for the second installment of The Golden Hand, a tale of blinding greed, dastardly doings, and revenge from beyond the grave.

When we last left our heroes and villains, the fair Mirabelle was wooed under false pretenses by the wicked Thaddeus, who only wants her for her solid gold hand, even murdering her fiance to attain it. But all is not lost....

Envy stars as Thaddeus Kraven, Elsa as Mirabelle Smith, Alphonse Elric as Francis Flemmet, and Teddie as Peter Clemment."

The Golden Hand Part 2 )

"Thank you for listening to our production of The Golden Hand. Please tune in next week for Gone Courting, a macabre but lighthearted tale of a man who just wants to find that special someone.

Goodnight, and Happy Halloween."

Audio Post

Oct. 3rd, 2015 06:59 pm
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[The pre-recorded broadcast begins with a stirring bit of string music. Lust's voice comes in over the music, intoning like a classic radio announcer.]

"Good evening ladies, gentlemen, and Pokemon. Welcome to the debut broadcast of The Miss Fitz Story Hour, presented by Random Assortment Productions. Tonight, please join us for the first installment of The Golden Hand, a tale of blinding greed, dastardly doings, and revenge from beyond the grave. Envy stars as Thaddeus Kraven, Elsa as Mirabelle Smith, Alphonse Elric as Francis Flemmet, and Teddie as assorted voices.

Brought to you by a number of talented volunteers."

The Golden Hand - Part One )

Video Post

Sep. 30th, 2015 05:36 pm
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[The feed opens on a dim, candlelit room that's obviously been decorated for this specific broadcast. Lust is seated in a wingbacked chair, dressed for Halloween. There's a skull with a burning candle on it on the table next to her. She's smiling enigmatically, eyelids lowered.]

Good evening ladies, gentlemen, and Pokemon.

In thanks to a number of talented volunteers, I'm pleased to announce the official debut of The Miss Fitz Story Hour, a weekly dramatic radio show to be broadcast over the network. Our productions will air in two parts, beginning this weekend.

To ring in the season of spooks and spirits, we're bringing you two chilling tales of terror this month. Love, loss, mystery, and murder are all in store on the airwaves. But don't worry, even the little ones can listen in. We don't want anyone dying of fright.

So keep your ears open for our premiere broadcast, The Golden Hand, this weekend. I do hope you'll all join us. It's going to be a scream.

[Lust winks, and the feed cuts.]

Video Post

Sep. 6th, 2015 11:11 am
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[Lust hasn't been on the public network in nearly a month. But now that she's home and settled, she remembers she had plans before her life was temporarily uprooted. Time to get back to those.]

Was anyone still interested in helping me with that radio show I mentioned at the start of summer?

Halloween's coming up before much longer, I thought perhaps we could do something for the holiday. Spooky stories are all part of the celebration, after all.

I have a handful of ideas for plots.


Jun. 30th, 2015 05:46 pm
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[Lust's expression is thoughtful when she flicks on her 'gear, the device propped on a coffee table in what looks like a living room. She's settled on her couch, a stack of books visible next to her.]

Indulge my curiosity...

Does anyone else come from a world where the predominant entertainment is radio? Much as I enjoy television and films, I miss a good radio drama. There's something to be said for allowing the imagination to fill in the pictures.


May. 5th, 2015 07:06 pm
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Time is such a funny thing.

[Lust is sitting outside, clearly enjoying the early evening, and her Spheal and Eevee can be seen playing together in the background.]

It feels as though I just woke up in this world a short while ago, but tomorrow morning will mark a full year's passing.

When I first came here, I had nothing, not even my life. Now I sit here with my own home, family, people I call friends, a vocation of my own. I've been given a chance to know those I never would have before, offered opportunities that had been ripped away, handed the liberty to dictate my own actions and path in life.

And I think I hated this place, a little, at the beginning. The strangeness of it, the unfamiliarity, the changes it wrought in my physical form.

That's the thing about time.

It changes all things, eventually.

Video Post

Jan. 30th, 2015 11:01 am
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[The video feed shows Lust sitting on the kitchen floor, in her black sweats, hair pulled back. She's been practicing her solo act with Guttle, and it's the ridiculously large and food loving Spheal that is on her mind at the moment.]

...so how large is too large for a Spheal?

Video Post

Jan. 9th, 2015 02:03 pm
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The new year certainly was pleasant, wasn't it? I think I enjoy this world's holidays.

[Lust's curled up in her living room on the couch, tucked under a blanket with a mug of cocoa and her 'gear propped up on the coffee table in front of her. Her recently hatched shiny Houndour is half across her lap.]

But now that the holiday has passed, I had a query for those who have formalized exercising routines. I've found myself needing to keep fit not simply for aesthetic reasons, but due to a professional need for peak physical condition. Flexibility, muscle strength, physical reaction time...

I've never had to work to keep up with those things before and the sooner I get some formal discipline in my routine, the better. I'd appreciate any advice or specific schools of practice that could be recommended.


Nov. 26th, 2014 09:20 am
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[Lust has been drinking. She doesn't usually indulge to the point where mildly tipsy starts heading to drunk, but it's been an emotional week and two drinks turned into three until she's fiddling with her gear with a half empty wine bottle on the table beside her and a full glass in her hand.

Probably not the best time to flip on the record function and put out a general message.]

Why do emotions have to play such a ridiculously large part in daily life? They're nothing but organic chemical reactions. You mix sodium bicarbonate and acetic acid and get fizzing, bubbling carbonic acid. It's the same damned thing, at the most basic level. Chemicals interact with other chemicals and cause a reaction.

But the molecules that give birth to emotional feeling...they're never dormant. They're never inactive. They're always combining and breaking apart and firing off signals that we have no choice but to be ruled by. Human beings are like a single chemical in that way, one that reacts in a most volatile manner to every other substance and stimulus it encounters.

The sheer number of emotions a single person experiences in a single day... it's overwhelming. And like all chemical reactions, prone to change drastically the moment something new is introduced. The simple act of going from content to frightened or angry or even irritated is enough to interfere with daily life.

That seems like a detrimental design flaw, to me.


Oct. 11th, 2014 11:02 am
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It's odd, isn't it, how having a personal claim to a place can make it something more than just a building or room?

[Lust's tone and expression are thoughtful, rather than puzzled.]

I've stayed and lived in dozens and dozens of places, but they never meant anything. They were just that - places to stay, a point to return to. Even the pleasant or almost-permanent ones weren't particularly noteworthy and made little impression on me.

Why does choosing and laying claim to a place as yours suddenly make all the difference? It's such a strange quirk of emotions. Is it normal, to form some sort of emotional attachment to a place just because you've decided it's going to be your 'home'?
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[It's been a hell of a week, to put it mildly. Lust can't remember so many highly charged emotions in so short a time span. Between Scar and Alphonse and Envy, she's done more feeling than she can handle. Feeling things is even more tiring than traveling!]

[Which is done for the day. Lust has been fixing supper - stew, it's about all she can manage while camping - and when she brings a dish over to Greed, she's come to a decision.]

I need to do something pleasant.

[Greed's some sort of master at ridiculous and entertaining things, and that's exactly what she feels she needs right now. And she doesn't imagine he's had an easier time of it than her.]

I propose we do something...I don't know. Silly.


Aug. 15th, 2014 03:54 pm
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[The video that suddenly pops up shows part of a tree and a bit of grass at first. Then a large Spheal fills the picture.

A Spheal in smoky eye shadow and as much lips as Lust managed to draw on with liner and lipstick. He looks immensely pleased with himself, and greets the viewing audience at large with a long, low, happy sounding 'spheeeaaaaaal' as he shows off the fancy face paint his trainer has been kind enough to let him wear again.

It takes all of a handful of seconds before Lust realizes what Guttle's up to, and she rushes in to grab her gear. She image shifts and wobbles for a moment before Lust's own face is visible.]

Guttle, what are you doing? Is this on?

[Yes. Yes it is. Her gaze shifts off screen, to give Guttle an exasperated look.]

And broadcasting to everyone, I see. I hope you're happy with yourself.

[Back to the screen.]

Don't anyone encourage him.


Jul. 28th, 2014 09:19 am
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[Lust has her device propped up in front of her, so she can sit and rest her chin in her hands to record. Guttle is next to her, on his back, chewing on some sort of toy or treat. For a change, Lust's demeanor and tone are both contented ones.]

Traveling for leisure seems very commonplace in this world. I admit it's something I'm only now indulging in myself but...

I wondered if anyone had any stories they'd like to share. Pleasant stories, about their travels.

I think I'd like to hear some.
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